Expanding the knowledge of human nature and the future of humanity, in light of the evolution of a psyche that is subject to innate creative nature. And how this in itself imperceptible aspect of the human psyche makes us fully human and will determine the future of humanity.

We will explore the creative forces and structural elements within the human psyche that are involved in personal psychological development and our general psychological evolution. We will show that human evolution does not solely depend on shaping external factors and more or less ‘blind’ biological and social forces, but that a creative intra-psychic principle guiding individual development and general human progress also must be considered.
This principle, manifest as an innate natural creative force within the human psyche, is the dominant factor that will shape the future of humanity. In itself, it is of unknown origin and out of reach of human perception and reason. It is one of nature's mysteries and manifests itself from the unconscious part of the psyche and we could call it 'Spirit'. We can only know of its existence indirectly by the presence and activity of its content within the psyche and its influence on our being and social life. In tomorrow's world, it will become a significant psychological factor to consider in many aspects of living and attaining knowledge of life.
This instinctual urge ( or innate spiritual drive) to individuate, manifests as an endo-psychic drive, aims at expanding conscious-awareness of our inner and outer reality and seeks us to make the two agree under a new conscious light. This unifying light enables the individual to function as a conscious and unconscious psychic whole, as a true individual, an undivided duality. Such individuals know the nature and limits of the ego-conscious part and have sufficient knowledge of the unconscious part of the psyche including their innate spirit.
These psychologically whole people have deep knowledge of their full self and thus of human nature in general, and as a consequence, they are wise and able to make choices to the best end of the human being. They have an excellent perception of reality and an increased capacity for reason. More importantly, they have a high ethical ability, which is the main characteristic of a fully grown individual. These traits are effective tools against the ongoing moral decay and general destruction that we are facing in the world of today.
This within the psyche natural creative activity that guides us to psychological maturation and to becoming conscious-aware individuals, can be observed, convincingly explained, empirically proven, and personally experienced. Whether we perceive this innate creative force and guiding principle as a creative divine Spirit within or prefer the 'simpler' materialistic explanation that our physiological brain is producing this creative activity within itself, does not matter in the broader view of our nature. Because in finality, we have to accept the presence of this mysterious innate drive, that follows the law of nature, and have to become more fully human. Become individuals who are conscious-aware of our outer and inner world and know how these are interrelated, and act according to it - - - [ [ CONTINUE......

Becoming Human



Individuation as innate natural and/or spiritual drive



The Individuation process in down to earth psychological language