The concept of Tzaddik can be perceived as the universal Spirit of righteousness because the latter is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit that permeates all humans. As such, the concept of the ‘tzaddik’ can be taken as an ideal goal to be realized and be given a body in life to extend one is able to. Attainment to a sufficient degree of this spirit of righteousness is the ideal and highest goal of individuation by means of Spirit. In case fate had forced a rare individual to undergo a high degree of mutual assimilation and integration with the Spirit then the concept takes the shape of a unique personality. As a group, tzadikim are the so-called ‘righteous of all nations. In Jewish mysticism, a tzaddik or tzadeika (f) is not recognized by the amount of religious book-knowledge they have attained but by Personality. They lived by their innate spirit and brought its will reflected in the words of the scriptures to life. They represent the living Word.

The spirit of righteousness or the Messianic spirit is comprised of the capacity of love, truth and the good, which are the major elements that constitute the wisdom that enables one to make choices to the best end of one’s fellowman and humankind possible. The Spirit of righteousness as innate Spiritus rector is a guiding factor in our lives, it produces content that steers us in the right direction and is our natural moral compass or natural innate conscience and ethical load-star, and needs to be more fully realized in the experience of life. Because the two are closely connected the Spirit of righteousness cannot fully come to manifestation without the aid of the Spiritus rector. Meaning, give expression to one’s sense for the truth, the good and love, by heart and honesty.

Each of the properties, love truth beauty and the good are spiritual elements or spirits in themselves. Their intense feeling-aspect is conceptualized in the Shekhinah, the feminine aspect of the creative divine. The spirit of righteousness cannot be fully realized without having given the Shekhina her place within oneself. Through her, the complement of the divine, spirit can come to full expression within and take the human soul as a dwelling.

The four spiritual -human making – elements are present as seeds within the soul of each human being and will develop and grow during a life lived with the correct ethical attitude; a life that shows a capacity of love and truth. These are at the heart of full humaneness.

Because the Messianic spirit or the spirit of Christ can dwell in and be realized within and expressed through the soul of a man and a woman, it has androgynous properties. This is already given in the concept of the androgynous cosmic Anthropos or Christ and Adam Kadmon.

As a personality, a tzaddik (m) or tzadeika (f) can best be described as a person who is fully human and has a deep connection with outer and inner nature and is motivated by the living spirit within. He or she shares in the universal Spirit -of Love and Truth- the main aspects of messianic spirit, and the to these connected spiritual qualities of the good and beauty.

The Spirit of Righteousness (tsadiq -tzaddik)/ or the Messianic Spirit includes wisdom, which in turn is the result of the attained capacity for truth and love. Wisdom is the ability to make right judgments and decisions and to the ability to act to the best end of fellow man and oneself.

To make this possible one needs to know human nature, in particular, the nature of oneself, thus Self-knowledge, which is the most important command we find within all higher religions. And this needs a life fully lived-lived full-heartedly to degree that it activates this Holy and whole-making Spirit within one’s soul and allow it to grow in more fully. So that it can be given a Solomons’ temple ( a dwelling with aid of the Shekhinah-the feminine aspect of the Divine)

The word ‘tzaddik’ means ‘righteous’ and if someone is considered to be a tzaddik or tzadeket (f), then such a person lives by an attained Spirit of righteousness – the result of the effort by ego and the work of the inner spirit. The word stems from the name ‘Melchizedek’ the divine messenger of God, who is considered in the New Testament to be equal to Christ and like him can be seen as the personification of the Spirit of righteousness.

Israel as a personification or as a people was always considered as symbol and example for these ‘righteous of all nations’. For people who are due to their high sensitivity for the spiritual aspect of human nature and are strangers in strange lands.
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All higher religions are instruments to assist the spiritualization of the individual human being. And to assist with the realization of the spirit of righteousness for all people.

This by making a conscious connection to the all humanity permeating Holy Spirit, so that it will be an integral, unique personal part of one’s being. The Holy Spirit as innate creative -whole making spirit comprises, among other, of the spirit of love, truth and the good. This realization- a lifelong process- results in a personality who knows the world, human nature and by that has self-knowledge including innate spirit. Such a person