The individuating human is a Self realizing human.

The human being who has taken upon him- or herself the task of individuation, which also means attaining Self-knowledge, seeks insight in the nature of  the Unconscious (the Self-the inner Spirit) – and brings by this its archetypes within the realm of ego-conscious light.

Becoming conscious or making something conscious means that one brings something that  was previously not conscious into reality-to birth-the process of individuation is by all means a creative process, and a highly individual undertaking.

The Self assists with this -its realization with aid of a willing ego- in responses to ego’s situation and its attitude to outer and inner life

The experience of life brings the inner world out-so that  by this activity the Self into the individuals phenomenal reality.

Seeking awareness-super consciousness/knowledge-a world in agreement with a devised ‘method’?  or are you moved by life–does your soul react and produces content…

Did not Rumi say…increase your needs?

A realized Self means –knowing the nature of the ego-aspect of your being and have sufficient knowledge of the nature of the content produced by the Unconscious it is embedded in permeated by…