By the term ‘individuation’ we mean, the human effort to make oneself into an integrated unity of ego and the whole personality or the Self; resulting into a whole of conscious and unconscious psychic functioning.

It involves accepting and becoming conscious of the biological and the spiritual aspect of our nature.
Also, recognising the opposite sexual forces and qualities within our psychic nature is required, because these are the main intra-psychic creative elements and factors that make a mature man or woman out of us. By which we mean sexually psycho-spiritual one-sided beings.

Intra-psychic masculine and feminine qualities are at heart complementary. They must be brought in agreement and union
under conscious light through the experience of these in life so that they in their action are concerted.

Becoming a mature and conscious human cannot be done without living and experiencing outer and inner life to the full; learning from and engaging wholeheartedly with people of all kind. We cannot achieve a sufficient degree of individuation without meeting and experiencing oneself, through interaction with the Self in others.

Passionate involvement with our fellow man brings the best and the worst out of us.
Others bring negative aspects of us into our field of awareness, where they are presented to our faculties of conscience and reason. And when valued and understood, they are integrated into our conscious personality.

This is self-cultivation with the aid of others. Other people are most important for us to develop new abilities and awake potentials. One should endeavour to meet people of all kind. Even Buddha could only attain conscious light and knowledge of human nature through identification with the tree of life. Live life and reflect on it.

The process of individuation-equals a long full life -experience- which includes a suite of qualities, present or to be developed, among other-a capacity for love, honesty, courage, sacrifice, endurance, effort, discipline, common sense, realism, making good choices in life, reflection on own motivations, on one’s ego-life, on inner events, on expressions of inner Spirit / the collective Unconscious, on the Self in broadest.

By virtue of this attitude to life, one attains a high degree of conscious awareness of the inner and outer reality, Self-knowledge, wisdom, truthfulness to life and soul,  and a capacity of love for loves’ sake and most importantly it diminishes one’s own psychic darkness, one’s unconsciousness, which Buddha termed ‘ignorance’ and considered it to be the most significant cause of evil and harm to oneself and others.

True Tikkun Olam – entails bringing the world within in order by attainment of conscious light through self-knowledge. This will translate to order in one’s external world and to the ethical improvement of society.