Tomorrow’s world

Tomorrows people know that they are subject to nature’s will that seeks them to become conscious-aware mature individuals, and them to respect and realize this will to ability they can. They know it is their duty to Nature or God to obey their inborn natural drive to individuate.

Therefore one can expect that tomorrows societies shall are shaped by people who perceive their duty to individuate as the highest value and the primary meaning of their life. Their society will not consist of ‘individualists’ –meaning each person pursuing their ego-centric driven wants and wishes. They will put first nature’s will to become fully human, the well-being of their fellow beings and their societies’ social quality. And will be good guardians of the natural world.

They will create a – global – society to serve the natural goal of becoming conscious-aware individuals, which will be considered a personal and collective social duty.
And, therefore live life and organize their living environment, including their society, according to this goal. 

They are people who have a strong love for nature, for life and the good aspects of human nature. And considering themselves not to be perfect humans, they will continuously make an effort to develop themselves to the best of their ability and will try to make individuals out of ‘one piece’ of themselves.
They will see this as their duty to the spirit of nature (or God)
 and their fellow human beings, including the next generations. Their sense of value and dignity depend on this effort.

Tomorrow’s people will be very aware of the catastrophic consequences that will result from not taking into consideration and paying attention to their inborn natural drive to individuate.

They know they do not stand a chance against nature’s evolutionary power, a power which now demands psychic fitness as well. But it will not only be fear for destruction and moral decay as result of resisting the will of nature (The instinct to individuate) that will motivate these people to strive for change and maintain the world for the better, and keep it that way.

It is mostly their sense for the good -beauty -truth and love for life, others and general humanness that will drive them to bring the best out of themselves, improve their living environment and to be excellent guardians of the world.

Their love for the good aspect of the human being, of human nature, is expressed in worrying about and care for others and in their effort to seek knowledge and develop wisdom to make the best choices in the interest for their society and their fellow man.

They will organize the global society – as an aid serving the individuation of the individual (nature’s will to become fully human), and to develop their full potential and will consider this endeavor a human right and a social duty to others, including the next generations.

They will protect the well-being of humans and their rights and the natural world fiercely. The world of nature shall be considered an essential mean for education and as such will be protected by all means.

Self-development, life-long education and care for the biological world and the maintenance of flora, fauna, and oceans – will become the largest employer. More of this under–image of the future– on the homepage

Destructive people, leaders and human right abusers will have no chance against these fully mature, superior and to higher humanness directed people.

We can look forward to a positive future, but we also have a lot of work ahead. Beginning with each person’s duty of self-development to ability that they can. 

Because the evolution of the human being -through an innate psychic creative process- drives us towards becoming more fully and truly human (with our attention and effort) it inevitable will create a better world. Therefore …. we may cautiously optimistically add:

‘All things are new under the sun’ – Fred Polak.

** Fred Polak is the most all-round futurologist to date, his nuclear works are indispensable for realistic future-philosophy, revealing here with these words his positive view on and approach to life.