Tomorrow’s Human

Tomorrow’s humans will be more mature conscious-aware individuals. They will have sufficient knowledge of the nature of the psyche and the Spirit that expresses itself within and through them.

They will know that their ego-life is not only subject to external biological and collective social forces, but that the unconscious aspect of their psyche also guides them. In broader terms, they also directed by the ‘Self’ of which their ego is a (much more conscious) serving part.

They know that the creative force of innate nature is behind individuation and that it creates by the masculine and feminine principles or archetype that are present and active in each sex, one more conscious and developed than the other. And that’s is a crucial aspect of individuation to bring these two principles into balance and agreement to work together under conscious light, with aid of the opposite sex. This will be a primary criterion for the sexes to choose an intimate partner.

Through all chaos of life, tomorrow’s humans will be able to see the basics of a universal order within their inner and outer reality. They can recognize the presence and activity of the creative Spirit. They will take their innate natural conscience – their ‘spiritual rector’ into account in their lives.

They will be to good degree spiritualized biologically based beings, vessels in which spirit (the body of archetypes) has come to a realization; has come to consciousness and embodiment in life.

These individuals experience a ‘mine and Thine’ within their psyche. They can differentiate between content that belongs to the ego-conscious (‘mine’) and content belonging to the Unconscious  (‘Thine’).

This ability is an essential base for inter-connectivity, the energetic and feeling flow and good communication between the psyche’s conscious and unconscious part.

These people feel strongly responsible for furthering and maintaining this inner psychic situation and are alert regarding psychic hygiene. They will be fierce guardians of the social quality of their society and in protecting our natural environment.

Their profound Self-knowledge makes them ethically advanced–their knowledge of life and human nature make them wise people–They are people who can make choices to best end for their fellow human beings.

For them, ‘normal’ means ‘natural’, namely, thinking and living in line with the way of nature, in agreement with biological and spiritual instinct. And of course, that includes paying attention to the essential drive nature imposes on us–our duty–our natural instinctual or spiritual drive of Individuation–to becoming a conscious-aware individual.

Their nature-typical characteristics-ethical ability-view on life-the meaning of life and their values will be reflected in the world they create.