Evolution of the psyche

The increasing complexity of societies and consequent challenges forced group-humans, who had a predominant animistic experience of their environment to expand their mental ability. Initially, they navigated their world by instinct, intuition, and dreams. They needed to develop more and more intelligence of their own, complex thinking, and the ability to plan ahead.

They needed rational, logical intelligence and objective consciousness of reality so that they could know the nature of content stemming from their outer and inner world, content that entered their field of awareness.

Consciousness, makes awareness and its contents appear to us as objects, enables the development of free will, the reasoning of our actions and attain insight into the states of our minds, our inner world, thereby our choice and free will could expand. This development is still ongoing and will forever, as long as we evolve, as long as we can attain more awareness.

Consciousness is not the same as awareness because it has awareness as an object. It makes us know that we are aware. Therefore it must be defined as a knowing condition; it certainly relates to our being’s subjective part—to the observer-the mind’s eye and the broader self.

By continuously making distinctions between our outer and inner world, we attained an objective psyche and a subjective psyche, and the mind became divided into a conscious ad unconscious part.

Both the outer and intrapsychic reality became an object of subjective experience and consciousness within the psyche.  

Now modern’s man can turn his mind to his inner world – perceiving it as an object of consciousness and reason. It makes it possible to discover the deeper layers of the psyche and the very mysterious realm of archetypes that underpin our instinctual life and typical human psychic elements and – behaviours that are the origin of so many of our emotions and motivations.

We can recognize that our psyche appears to us pre-dominantly as a dualism – and how the objective and the subjective part of it are intertwined and relate to our ego-complex.

Humans are very mysterious beings–ongoing research will be needed to unlock the growing amount of secrets of our psyche. The unconscious part of the psyche is certainly not a kind of Freudian appendix-and of ego-make. It is the other way around, the ego-complex, having its own personal unconscious is clearly created by the larger part of the psyche, the Unconscious. It has an archetypal form underneath by which it can function relatively autonomous.

Expressions and abilities of the unconscious part of our psyche, experienced and observed by the Ego, point to innate living creative nature, of which we know very little about, which seeks us to become individual conscious beings.

Beings, that are becoming more and more conscious of their outer and inner world, by attainment of ever-widening self-knowledge.

The more conscious we become – – the more we can express – – the more human we become.

[ in development…F.Polak–natures has and is seeking an objective light upon itself along an inherent premonition-The fully mature human proves–that biological evolution was a necessary pre-stage – for us to be come a vessel for objective conscious light…