Nature creates within as without – Creative Spirit within

The psyche of the human being is subject to intra-psychic creative processes and forces of nature that are in themselves (an sich) out of reach of our reason and therefore unknown to us.

We can experience and recognize the existence and activity of these forces indirectly by their effect on and influence in our lives and broader reality. We call them archetypes. They are at the base of instinctual biological life, but in human beings, they are also the structural elements and forms underneath typical human thought and psychic behaviour
We can empirically observe that these unknown (hence spiritual or archetypal) forces are behind the individuation -process.

The origin of these archetypes that are underneath and expressed in our biological instinct and fundamental psychic elements is very mysterious and entirely unknown. Therefore, this instinctual drive towards individuation can be perceived as an inner manifestation of nature’s creative spirit. It may very well be justified to state that the creative Divine is alive and present in the deeper layers of the human psyche. A soft voice in the desert, only heard and allowed to express itself by very few (Isaiah 40:30).

We consider it pure innate, inborn spirit, the spirit of life and its creative tools – are the archetypes / or spiritual elements.

This mysterious innate spirit once sent dreams and visions (day-dreams) to the prophets, so that they could make their people acquainted with the will and presence of spirit and how to live life religiously by taking this spirit into account.

For us, modern more autonomous and individualistic people, this spirit creates the dreams that help us with correct adaptation to our outer or inner living environment, including this innate spirit.

It produces dreams, intuitions, and specific feelings that help us keep a good balance between the ego-conscious centered part of the psyche and the unconscious part of the psyche. And is behind the soft voice -to be developed- of our innate natural conscience, the dormant spirit of righteousness

It creates the content that guides us towards becoming conscious-aware individuals. These are individuals who have sufficient knowledge of their outer and inner world and how they are interconnected, and who in their lives take their intra-psychic activity into account. It would not be wrong, to understand this unknown almighty spirit that works in and through nature, structures and rules biological and human psychic reality, and seeks to make conscious-aware individuals out of us, to be the spirit of the Divinity or God.

Much more —on Spirit and the nature of its archetypes and the universality of archetypes in this project. Innate creative spirit/nature as major factor in our biological evolution. As endo-psychic reality

[ In development…

. Human evolution from now on dependent on the evolution of the human psyche ; this in turn to degree of spiritualization or realization of its archetypal underpinning .