Statements & some Predictions

The notion that nature creates new content within the psyche and by this has a guiding hand in our personal psychological development, psychic functioning and general human psychological evolution will have a profound impact on a variety of sciences, our religious views, and established conceptions regarding the meaning and future of human life.
It will make significant changes in our views on human nature, the nature of nature itself, and our perception of reality. What can we predict based on this mysterious intra-psychic feature of human nature?

A few statements and predictions regarding:

Our view on nature and the value of nature and our attitude to and respect for nature.

When people realize that the innate human drive to individuate by innate autonomous forces of unknown origin (archetypes/ or spiritual elements) is a natural proven reality, and is a knowable and empirically observable hard fact and that it is a typical human instinct, that has to be given a place within our lives and our psychic economy (to avoid falling prey to the powers of the brutal force of evolution, by loss of instinct)….. then….., they will retrieve the respect that they once instinctively had for the greatness of nature and will fear her power.
They will realize that nature can be loved and must be feared. They will know that without enough conscious light humanity will end and that with it true humanity begins.
They will then conscientiously serve this natural instinct/divine innate will to individuate to become fully human. They will take effort to attain enough conscious awareness of their own nature, their outer and inner life, and by this be able to take their innate creative nature into account of their life. By this, making oneself a personality out of one piece. A psychic whole of conscious and unconscious (including innate spirit) functioning.

The meaning of human life.

The -evolutionary-goal of nature, far before the rise of human consciousness, took us from being group-animals, via the state of collective group-persons towards increasingly autonomous conscious-aware individuals. Today’s modern mind can observe that we still evolving psychologically in this direction.

The empirical, observable fact that we still are subjected to this evolutionary path towards ongoing humanization ( by attainment of more conscious light ) will be accepted as the ultimate meaning of human life and a primary duty. This will prioritize our values and consequent motivations.

[ In development ….to follow…..not too detailed-just directions

Making the world a better place :

Tomorrow’s society: Will have the personal right and duty to individuate at its core

We will take the utmost care of Nature: Economy and ecology will merge. Permanent education for all and care for nature will become the largest employer.

Leadership by country

Global leadership

Relationships between different cultures, ethnicities, peoples and between the sexes

Relationship between the sexes. Two eyes-two types of consciousness and approach to reality–each a supplement to the other.

Women will become an indispensable force in creating and maintaining a global society that serves the ongoing humanization of humanity.

Psychology, other sciences and religion –-will meet – in the dynamic archetypal matrix–or in the living spirit of outer and inner nature. A common base