…this undertaking…continued

We need to realize that we are subjected to the mighty power of evolution, to the ‘bend or break’ will of outer and of inner Nature. We must learn the way of innate nature, the spiritual aspect of our psyche and take it into account of our life, and by that partake much more consciously in our psychic development. The evolution of the psyche now proceeds in faster pace, whether or not we wish to live in agreement with nature’s intention, to make conscious-aware individuals out of us.

By participating in the innate drive to individuate, this ‘will of nature,’ we can realize a positive outlook on the future of humanity and create a much better world. We can reduce unnecessary human suffering and diminish damage to our natural environment, and construct a global society governed by wise and ethically mature people who have a deep insight into human nature and reality as it IS.

Individuation is our duty to nature (or to the Divinity, in case one perceives nature as its creative aspect and partner). It certainly is a primary social duty to our fellow human beings, including the next generation. Not taking nature’s will and ways into account will have catastrophic consequences, personally and collectively; bringing psychic and physical deterioration. Humanities’ progress will come to a standstill, moral decay will increase, and the destruction of nature will continue.

Individuation means obeying mighty nature’s will and taking up the personal task to become a conscious-aware mature individual by living life courageously to the full with heartfelt engagement with all people, and with honesty to our whole Self. To become a mature human being is the ultimate meaning of human life and should be our highest value. It certainly will be at the heart of humanity’s future-society.

Insight into the nature of fully grown individuals-as we’ll do in this project- will give us an image of how the people of tomorrow will shape their world. And therefore be utilized for the making of a realistic future-image. There is no place in this future-image for wishes and ideologies, it is based on individual human nature, as it is and will be. This image can serve us as a pointer—a direction for us personally and collectively and provides — a positive outlook for humanity.

It is the living Spirit, and its forces and elements present as a dynamic matrix of archetypes within us, that will determine the further evolution of the human being and by that our future.