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General questions :  


To assist and improve this project with constructive criticism and additional information.




As you may have noticed this project shows that in order for the proper- individuation of both sexes; understanding the spirituality of the human being. And for the practice of mature and true religion, and to describe a realistic future-image-we depend on the spirit / nature of the Feminine. Therefor we seek to expand our knowledge of the female psyche and its innate spiritual aspect.

Therefor we would love input from females in the form of different perspectives, helpful ideas, constructive criticism.

Such as :

—Views on the way of life of women in the future; what they will value the most. Their notions of the meaning of life and love; the value of nature, social justice and general ethics. 

—How mature and individuating women will affect the behavior of men. And how women, in turn, will be affected by individuated men. 

—And what will women, in regard to improving their lives and futures, expect from men, their husbands, from other women, from their governments?

—We would like to hear your thoughts about combining economy and ecology (care for and maintenance of nature as an economic industry), as the biggest employer to come, that we will describe.


Subjects like these you will find under the heading ‘Tomorrow’s Women’.

Your views to :


Our goal is :

1 – To expand insight into the nature of the human psyche, and the external and in particular the intra-psychic creative forces that influence the direction of our lives and help us become psychologically fully mature individuals. 


2 – To shed light on the nature of the conscious-aware individual, male and female. The individual who is conscious-aware of the spiritual aspect of his / her nature and that is a truly mature and rounded individual. A description of these typical characteristics of these more fully grown people. 


3 – To make a realistic and optimistic future-image of humanity,  based on the views on life and values of these psychological and spiritual mature individuals. An image that will give us a direction for our personal and collective development.


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