Logos & Eros – the two wings of the whole-making spirit : the masculine and feminine creative principles.

Eros and Logos, these two wings of the creating aspect of the Spirit are in highest the spirits of love and truth. To be lived and be united as one under One conscious light through recognition and the realization of the Feminine side of the creating Spirit, also known as Sophia, Shekhinah, Sakina in Islam, enabling us to function as a whole psychic-spiritual being.

Logos, we can define as the ordering and objective conscious light bringing principle that enables us to perceive reality in a frame of ordered awareness and rational understanding. It is the ability that enables us to see and bring into a light of understanding what the Feminine spirit brings forth-to birth-from the dark and the unknown into reality.

Eros, we can define as that what enables feeling bonding to life and the world–ranging from blind instinctual bonding to the highest forms of Love. It connects the Logos light – the masculine light shedding principle to reality, and enables us to value and order life by means of feeling. As such it is ta major part our faculty of judgment and reason when it comes to the philosophy of human life and psychology. Only when having a mature Eros-connection to life and others by feeling the Logos can be perceived as the living Word exemplified by a path of love and truth and embodied in Jesus Christ.

Logos and Eros –The Spirit of Love and Truth-the two wings of the whole making Spirit –The Holy Spirit. It connects us to reality and makes it conscious. When the eros and logos principles of relating to life are brought together and work in agreement within us as each other supplement within us, then it manifests within us as the Holy Ghost that will expand our spiritual development, our abilities and personality.

Logos & Eros – Their union under conscious light by the redemption and realization of the Feminine principle by both sexes

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Realization of logos principle and the eros principle within man and woman. The logos principle primary in a man’s psychology the eros principle secondary. The eros principle primary in woman’s psychology -the logos principle secondary.
Individuation as the personal task to bring these two principles in agreement and concerted in their action within.

The dominance of the masculine principle – initially the result of an important evolutionary step in the development of human psychology, making objective ego-consciousness possible, by that objective knowledge, and the expansion of cognition, creativity and the ability to navigate life. During the rise of modern men and his -patriarchal – society the feminine principle stayed undeveloped, became repressed, neglected. Men didn’t allow the feminine to fully express itself, women neglected it when they adapted to the masculine.

The redemption of the Feminine.

The modern human has enough potential to expand insight in and the ability of feeling discipline -regulating–to be able to bring the Feminine aspect of the spirit–as mentioned personified by Sophia or the Shekinah -into the experience of life and to be made whole by it ……..