Archetypes as instincts and fundamental structural elements of the psyche.

The ‘living’ Unconscious – living innate creative nature–having a ‘mind of its own’- expresses itself in our body and psyche in myriads of archetypal expressions that determine specific biological and psychic behaviours, thus specific patterns of behaviour-  as such they can be perceived as instincts of ‘lower’-biological and ‘higher’-psycho-spiritual behaviour. Human psychological development goes from a state from unconsciousness to consciousness, from expressing unconscious contents-such as projections and feeling-bonds etc.- to the understanding and becoming conscious of these. And all this in relation to what is expressed all around us by others and nature and how we experience these. Thus we are not only endowed by archetypes of typical and recurring human expressions but also with archetypes that enable us to make sense of these expression that we experience. We have given -or instinctual- a priori  forms (Kant)and active archetypally structures content that provides us order -understanding-meaning (e.g.creative intuitions and dreams )

Elements and forms–guiding ego-development [serving -balance of ego; adaptation to outer bad inner environment…not too much animal..not too much spiritual..-and general individuation–increasing attaining conscious-awareness..and psychic wholeness. Healthy in lin ewith nature’s will…instincts..ego-conscious life…a bridge

‘Substance’ of archetype as they appear in the psyche.

Physoid-As instincts of lower and higher nature. Manifest , potential, and as Self-generated and invading content within the psyche. Their nature, composition or ‘substance’.Taoist formless forms-carry meaning expressed in -recognizable in images-feelings-physical and psychical  activity-to be made c.a.

Psychoid as forms that…also cna be considered instinct–for these are manifestation by knowledge of nature–”telling us how to do”..