Spiritual development in Baha’i Faith and the process of spiritualization in Tzaddik .

The Baha’i religious movement seeks to brings the Spirit of order, peace and the good into the world by lifting people up to a higher level of human being. It does this through practices and teachings that focus on the ethical cultivation of the individual.

Baha’i envisions a global nation with highly cultivated people who can provide answers to the major problems humanity faces today and by that can shape and maintain a world that brings out the best in human nature, a world that reflects a higher state of being human.

Baha’i focuses more on living ethically, having a correct attitude to life-nature an others. They value doing good deeds over words.  It emphasizes that spiritual development needs the action of life because life brings the good and the bad out of us. This way, these qualities can come under our conscious light and, if needed, can be corrected, connecting people with the spiritual aspect of nature, of which most are not very aware. As such, Baha’i is an excellent way to acquire self-knowledge, the primary demand of higher religion.

Therefore, we can view Baha’i as one of the essential educational instruments for today’s spiritual and ethical development.

Baha’i faith in practice comprises of a conscientious lifestyle and spiritual self-development. It emphasizes self-development and attaining self-knowledge through personal effort with aid of man’s innate whole-making spirit. This way leads to the spiritualization and transformation of the individual and creates a wider, deeper and more whole personality.

Revelation–fact–religion-observable fact/endo-psychic nature-science==proof pudding

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