This study is for people who take their life, the fullness of human nature and reality as it is, earnestly. Its for people who are in search of deeper insight into human reality, who want to know the higher meaning and values of life. We will explore humanity’s future by way of individual development and the general evolution of the human psyche. Which is a process that, as we shall see, is guided by intra- and endo-psychic processes and forces that reveal the presence of creative nature as an autonomous drive within us. This, our psychological development determining factor is of unknown origin, therefore we may call it an expression of our spiritual nature.

We will demonstrate how this empirically observable innate creative activity is behind individual maturation and how it will influence humanity’s future. The innate natural drive towards the individuation, or full maturation of the human being and by that the evolution of the human psyche is, whether we are aware of it or not, humanities’ prevailing future-shaping factor.

Insight in this process and its goal, the individuated human being, makes it for us possible to construct a basic and realistic future image, which is one of the objectives of this enterprise.

Increasing knowledge of the process of individuation and the human psyche in evolution gives us a direction for living our lives in line with nature, and how we can have a good effect on our living environment. Therefore this project is par excellence a study for the many modern socially well-adapted people who are turning these days to the inner world to find answers about the meaning of life, to improve their personal lives and to find ways to make the world a safe and better place.

One can perceive this work as an exercise in future philosophy, depth- psychology or spiritual teaching. It is meant to be a study about how intra-psychic creative nature works to further human psychological development and the effect this will have on our future. We want to bring more insight into the psychology of the individuation process determined by the reality of endo-psychic archetypes (one may call the spiritual aspect of our nature) and by this also in the psyche of future man.

We will show that knowledge of the psyche should be the centre of futurology, the study of the means and tools of future prediction. The psyche is the most important factor in the unfolding of our future. Because it is within the psyche that the world is perceived, ordered, understood and given meaning. It is where the thoughts and feelings about life, the world are formed, and where consequent actions are planned and the ideas are formed that affect our personal and humanities future. Within the psyche, the past, and the present is processed, and the ideas and images of the future are born that impact individual and collective human life. We hope to make this study an enlightening educational adventure for many. This overview is quite dense; we hope that the concepts and core elements mentioned here, will become clearer when applied in various contexts within this website.

In sum, this project is about making a general image of our future, based on observable empirical evidence, of the psychology of the human being of tomorrow. That image, based on human nature we can give us a realistic future image of humanity, and by that a good idea of how the people of tomorrow’s world will take care of their social and general living environment and how they give meaning to their lives. This image can serve us as a pointer that gives us a clear and general direction of which direction we personally and collectively should go. It certainly is a positive -and enthusing- goal to look forward to.
Correspondingly, this website is divided in two parts, human psychology and humanity’s future.

The first part is about becoming more human by means of individuation, a developmental process of which the most important and dominant factor is our intra-psychic creative nature and thus is about providing insight into this inner creative ability. We also will define in general terms, the nature of the mature conscious-aware individual, which will be tomorrow’s human being.

The second part deals with futurology and humanity’s world of tomorrow and provides a sketch of how a world would look when created and inhabited by more fully matured individuals. A world reflecting their frame of mind, mentality and values. It will be a realistic future-image of humanity, a highlighting of its core elements, a skeleton so to say and it will be based on empirical observations, facts and common-sense psychology. Wishes and guesses, have no place in it. But as mentioned, it will be a positive world, a world to look forward to, a place with better values and serving humanities innate drive to become a global community of fully mature human beings. The meaning of human life.

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– The Future-image

– The year 2727

– How can we know the psychology of tomorrow’s people?

– Individuation-becoming fully human

– individuation and the duality of the psyche

– Defining the Self

– The importance of a conscious connection between the ego and the Unconscious

– Defining the ‘Individual’

– individuation as innate natural instinct and/or as spiritual drive


The spiritual aspect of individuation

– The spiritual path to attain conscious light ; the more conscious equals more human

– The personification of the Spirit—the image and form of the androgynous Anthropos

– The spiritualization of the biological-based human-the humanization of the spirit

– Redemption of the feminine principle and the development of its higher -spiritually-based aspects-in both sexes

– The realized child archetype, manifested as the symbol of psycho-spiritual renewal. The result of the inner union of the masculine and the feminine creative sexual principles within each sex.

Tomorrow’s human—tomorrow’s world