The creative Spirit of Nature as a whole (Holy) making Spirit. From a guiding spirit to a spirit of righteousness

The Holy Spirit manifests itself within the human being as a whole-making spirit–that connects the earthly biological human with the spiritual aspect of his or her nature. As well as the masculine and feminine spiritual aspect of his or her nature. And creates humans that are psychologically clear one-sided psychological sexual being -who have a conscious connection to the androgynous creative Spirit within them – through which they are connected to the source of this creative Spirit -the Supreme Being

The Holy Spirit in its creative manifestation makes use of two major principles-its two wings-the logos and the Eros principle, in highest, the spirit of Love and the spirit of Truth. When being realized in life -given a body – by a truly Christian way of life, then these become a permanent personal factor as the Holy Ghost in man.

Logos and Eros – the masculine and feminine principles of relating to and ordering reality – are the two wings of the creative manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Eros binds us to life and reality by feeling and Logos provides us with objective light –The archetype/spirit of the Feminine-not fully human – not a mature man or woman. Obstructing innate spirit…One sided and underdeveloped personalities…the indispensable Feminine