——————————————– ANTHROPOS ——————————————–

The image of Anthropos, as symbol and personification of the universal Self, or the universal spirit we partake in with body and mind. In the form of the personal innate creative Spirit, we can perceive it as the image of the instinctual or as the spiritual drive to and the goal of individuation. In these times the archetype (the spiritual form behind the images, qualities and expressions) of the Anthropos is constellated in the collective Unconscious of humankind and seeks realization through conscious-awareness with aid of human effort. The universal Anthropos relates to Adam Kadmon, the Indian Purusha and figures of the Cosmic man. The image of Anthropos as innate Spirit has a masculine, feminine,  spiritual and biological aspect that is present in each individual.

As manifested in the soul of mankind Anthropos equals the collective Unconscious-the spirit we all partake in, and in which we form sister- and brotherhood.

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Cosmic Man-Adam Kadmon – Universal Spirit – Cosmic Christ

Hindu parallel. The Purusha–as Cosmic man–out of whose being all is created. Purusha = Atman – Krishna (see his revelation in the Vishvarupa in which he embodies all the gods–or spiritual forces )-Atman in all –Vivekanda

I am who I am

In the beginning, this was Self alone, in the shape of a person (Puruṣa). He looking around saw nothing but his Self (Atman). He first said, “This is I”, therefore he became I by name. 

—Brihadaranyaka Upanishad