THE FUTURE …..and…..

Human values, ethics and social notions–related to the overarching meaning of life, namely our humanization. Our duty and right to become conscious-aware mature individuals.

Accountable global governance aiding societies that can serve the forces of nature that make mature human beings.

The immense value of indigenous and aboriginal peoples for the so-called ‘modern’ cultivated highly individualistic human. Who has lost to great degree healthy natural ground and instinct, which shows in many of them being sick animals or perverted culture peoples. The place, status, function and meaning that these nature peoples will have for modern individualistic societies.

Ecology,  economy and life spending – – Ecology and permanent education will be the biggest employer

Psychic hygiene and mental health

Choices in romantic partnership decided on grounds of own psycho-spiritual development, duty and right of self-cultivation – – – Eugenics by natural selection

[ In development ….