Artificial intelligence versus the human mind, its capacity and abilities

”He has seen real people”, words heard during an archaeological dig in the year 101707 after discovering a pre-transhuman era robot. Words of veneration said by an an-organic transhuman post-biological human when talking to his own kind about a just discovered very ancient old robot. Long after the biologically-based humans have disappeared in a robotic creation of their own making, exceeding their own image.

Their veneration for this earlier robot that had once lived alongside real humans, relates to the later realization in robotkind, that the original creators of the robot species were organic biological humans and are in their time considered to be beyond the most superior robot. They were like Gods who had the ability of love and the capacity of truth and reason that included perceiving life and understanding reality by means of living symbols and archetypally based images and metaphor. The goal for any robot in this far away future to attain a human soul and to become human will be of such high value that any robot with a healthy chip would die for.

[[- in development–

Another way to gain more understanding of the psyche divided into an Ego conscious-complex with its own faculty of reason and an Unconscious that has a ‘mind’ of its own, including cognitive and creative abilities, is by comparing these features with the abilities that can be performed by robots (computers, with limbs and senses)- made to do things better than us and eventually become better humans too. We explore the limitations and possibilities when it comes to the creation of artificial humans, that science and development artificial intelligence could or will yield.
[ in development ….Limits of our ability–non-existent for robots?

Intelligence we programmed in it, on which it makes predictions (we didn’t program in it)


As our insights in full reason above shows-we are for cognition most dependent on the unconscious. People who think a child is -tabula rasa. Transhumanists who belief that machines can out-do and replace their human creators – as we think we can out do creating nature-the instrument of the divine–have lost relation to the wider parts of their nature. They are themselves for part mechanical and live in their heads filled with abstractions, far from real life. An aspect of autism – which is common in dry rational environments.

Soullesness– Poverty in self-knowledge beyond ego-consciousness. Ego is all, is reality solely. But is it the CEO in the whole mind–keeping it all together–let it function as One?–// can we program a CEO in the computer that can make use of all the functions we have given it/.even create new functions itself?

This is cause of the poor human image-perceiving oneself and other as biological machines–reflected in unrealistic -even infantile ideas about artificial human of the future

No sense of an autonomous inner world-with a mind of its own. In primitive society people know it thinks thinks feels dreams within them–in Roman times -people knew that they are spiritual beings.

When is collectively realized that there is no human anymore in the machine. This scenario could be used as a metaphor for us who have forgotten that we are built by and around the divine spirit of nature. Loss of instinct –we went from the animistic God in everything to Deus ex Machina to being Gods -divine creators ourselves–now wanting to create a mechanical human in our image–but with more divine superior features. In minds of many techies we are already machines.

A.I Ethics – perceiving reality as it is in Truth -effect on judgment–Love –care–mutual love?–AI humans -all equal?–feeling and emotion. Just teach AI the right thing–empathy and compassion–learn to care? Do as I do/ wish to be treated yourself-Machine to human and vice verse–equal?–code the facial emotions and physical expressions of people in algos?

Happiness? –or dignity- be (come) human highest value – be the best transhuman you can?

Code–a creative soul soul in the machine–which produces dream – creative fantasy–an instinct to individuate in it

Can A sense of pleasure be programmed in? so that A.I can develop its own pleasure principles?-motivations

A learning system so that it can teach itself?

Digitalization of the individual versus spiritualization (by means of integration archetypes) of the individual-and by that making a conscious connection to the spiritual base of human nature (archetypal matrix)