Archetypes as tools of the creative Spirit

Archetypes can be perceived as spiritual forms forces and structural elements, and as such they are tools of the creative aspect of the Supreme Spirit.  Which is by us experienced as the Spirit of nature, within and without.

As the Self is the whole body of archetypes and can be considered a Spirit, so can archetypes be considered spiritual forces elements forms, themselves – these are the invisible and unknown forces within our unconscious-structural and functional elements at the base of our psyche-guiding our lives, steering the individual to higher development.

We can only experience and make sense of them through their effects on human life and the influence on psychic development.

One Spirit—manifest through many spiritual forces. The notion of God as one and manifold. In man we consider the creative spirit within as Divine–the personal Self the personal Spirit – with its many aspects. Also the multiplicity of the Unconscious springs to mind

Compare with the Indian notion of Universal Atman and the personal Atman

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