Archetypes, the creative Self and the individuation process

The Self, comprises the body, the ego-complex, the conscious and the unconscious psyche, including the inherent spirit. The Self in its dynamic aspect is a living whole and an entity that continuously renews improves and transforms itself. We, as ego-centred conscious beings, partake in and have a crucial function in this natural process. The ego is brought forth by the Self with the intent to become during life an inner mirror and a function that will bring and maintain balance and order between the conscious and unconscious parts of the Self. And by that will become an additional conscious light to the Self.

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Archetypes are nuclear instinctual forms carrying purpose and meaning. They are at the base of typical human biological and psychological behaviour and expressions. They structure creative intuitions and fantasy and are woven into the language of our dreams, the language of our soul or the deeper layers of our psyche. Their presence is expressed in archaic instinctual rituals and in the imagery provided by the religious intuition of humankind accompanying the rise of conscious light.

Archetypes are the building blocks of the individuation -process ( the tools of the spirit: Jung) and thus of building conscious-aware individuals that know their archetypal base and how it rules and influences much of their lives.