Futurology — futurism

How to make a reliable, durable and above all,  a realistic future-image of humanity and its world of tomorrow.
Futurism is the practice of forecasting-prognostication-prediction, extrapolating current trends and so on. Futurology is the science of the means, methods, ways and instruments that are used in the practice of prognostication and futurism. Thus futurology deals with all the factors involved in creating models of future events and situations to come and the shaping of ideas about the future.

The reason of this project is to bring awareness of our nature-being subject to nature-the value for our natural development -to obey the innate drive to become mature conscious individual –doing the will of nature.

Insight in how nature makes fully mature individuals out of us — a description of fully human beings — and how these people on the base of their realized nature will organize and dress up their societies and the personal world–this will give us a pointer for personal and collective life.

This project is more important than today’s costly travels into space–trying to realize idiotic ideas to live on other -completely colourless and unlivable planets, its a typical masculine endeavour void of mature and healthy feeling-the dead materialistic souls. This project is about improving life on earth, living here in agreement with our full nature–and that includes taking utmost care of nature making the best of our societies-as part of our global society, the house of the next generations

The future may not be present but it certainly is in the making in the present. It should be wise to attain a good degree of knowledge of how the future is shaped, so we can be able to anticipate it, even partially shape it to serve our well-being.

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The psyche as major factor in future-prognostication

Our undeveloped future of human kind -making –imagination-ability