Tomorrow’s human – A new human-image

Tomorrow’s human will be  much more individuated humans. They will be personalities with a wide field of conscious-awareness of their outer and inner reality.  And will have high ethical abilities that are reflected in their values, views on reality and notions of the meaning of life; and their motivations and actions, they know what is needed to further humanity’s well-being and progress. They will be very aware of which values have priority in making sure that their own life is lived and spend correctly and that global society thrives.

Their insight into their own and general human nature is at the base of tomorrow’s man and woman’s motivation and expression, their life-spending and how they likely will arrange their world around these qualities. They will keep a sharp eye not only on their outer world but even more on their inner nature and will take its expressions into account of life.  Because they know that they cannot afford—because ‘natural means normal and health’—to lose soul— to lose contact with inner nature, inner spirit. Their maxims will be: Natural is normal and healthy; Mens sana in corpore sano.

They are highly individual, having a heart and mind of their own and at the same time have a heartfelt intimate relation with their brothers and sisters in their societies.

“Each person’s inner nature is in part unique to him or herself and in part species-wide”

Abraham Maslow

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