Spiritual enlightenment – the spiritually oriented individual–Personality

Spiritual enlightenment enables one to observe the presence and activity of the archetypes -the spiritual forces and factors in nature and human life. Spiritual enlightenment brings the ability to perceive reality in a correct frame of rational order and in a correct feeling-order. Being enlightened by means of Spirit transforms the individual profoundly and makes one a Personality out of One piece.

Such a person observes that creation is the field  of expression of a supreme divine entity, and know the nature and ways of his or hers inner Spirit to such a degree that they can partake in and anticipate its will. In terms of modern depth psychology : they know the play of the archetypes in nature and by that can recognize ‘the germs of the coming.’  (I Ching) 

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Homo religiosus–the human who observes factors that have their origin from the Unconscious, that influence his or her situation and take these sincerely into account of life. Not the degree of conscious light is their main property but it is Personality that characterizes this individual. A personality that has a superior perception of reality as it is and excels in the ability of love, truth and ethics. Their Personality is build by own effort with aid of the creative aspect of their innate spirit and its tools, the archetypal / or spiritual elements and forces. 

Spiritual enlightenment of the mystic is the result of having lived-given body to  – spirit. For that reason is the tzaddik recognized as a true personality and not a vessel of book-knowledge.