Individuation in general

Nature wants us to become mature and conscious-aware human beings,  individual men and women with a high degree of psychic autonomy, rounded personalities that are able to straddle the biological and the spiritual aspect of their nature.  Individuals, who have a mind of their own and a differentiated feeling-life. Personalities who are less influenced by the collective aspect of their nature, yet are deeply bonded with others.
Nature aims at creating a man out of one piece or a woman out of one piece. Each a one-sided sexual individual with a clear identity, unique in him- or herself, and in expression. Each sex will be a supplement to the other since the sexes are opposites and for a good degree very alien to each other. Each sex perceives, connects to and navigates life in a different manner. The sexes are psychologically quite different humans because the spiritual aspect of their nature is manifested, organised and active in a different manner. As such, their individuation or psychological, more precisely their psycho-spiritual maturation process, is different. Each sex for a good part needs the other sex to recognize by contrast their own typical psychology and differentiate their own being.

We are not solely socialized biological creatures but also vessels in which creative inner nature (or Spirit) seeks expression and realization. We can experience and observe that new content from a mysterious origin, from deeper layers of our psyche, comes to manifest within the human soul and makes us grow psychologically

Over a longer period of time, we come to realize that this content, besides aiding us with good adaptation to our living environment and with keeping a healthy balance between the conscious and the unconscious part of our psyche that it also drives us towards becoming conscious individuals. 

Individuals that have a conscious connection with the creative spirit within. And by that conscious connection and following interaction, we can grow beyond our boundaries.

That means we always can become more fully grown humans, become better humans, but we are never finished.

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