Creative human

Creative people have often felt that they for their productivity are  dependent on an autonomous creative active factor present within their nature. A innate creative Spirit, and a faculty not of their own. Others who create more by their rational talent,  simply state that their intuition brings along solutions needed . Some of the great inventors saw the solution-the wider picture or a missing element of the work they were sweating on in a dream.

[ In development….. It is well known that many artists who were driven by their creative inner drive fell in poverty because their creative daemon was so demanding that they could not function normally in society.

Mozart-Bach -Beethoven perceived themselves as instruments of something that creates music within them.  All have one thing in common dependence on the unconscious part of the psyche. Despite personal hard work and input and given talents…Ego-consciousness depends heavenly on cooperation of the Unconscious part of the psyche…there where the creative aspect of nature resides.

Talent – genius how did early man know–instinctual knowledge–how to do-grasping symbolic meaning-Myths the material out of which religions are made came out of dreams-prophets.