True global society cannot be formed without the full participation of women of all cultures . . . . . .These are times that the female half of humanity is waking up and will not and cannot go on living and partake in a world, which direction is too much determined by masculine motivations, views, values, wishes, and wants.

‘Educate your women and the nation will take care of itself – the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’

Sarojini Naidu.

Her words sound reasonable – but also sounds like a plea to men that they should educate their women– (of course, strongly bend to men’s wishes)–as if women can not educate themselves, are not capable of it by own effort. This cannot be. Men and women together must provide – a social environment and means for education-that make it possible to educate themselves to own liking.

The masculine and feminine are opposites, but they strive for union-so that their action can be concerted. [I Ching]

It will be critical women with a healthy instinct, who care for the future and the global house of their children. Women who love nature and others, for being human, who will change the world for the better.

They also will change their men, requiring them to develop their Eros that will connect them with cultivated feeling to life, nature, others and women, so that they will be able to be a supplement to them in their effort to become.

How will tomorrow’s world look like from viewpoint of the woman who is a conscious-aware individual?

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