Matter – Psyche – Spirit

. Supreme Spirit--> [ Materialized Spirit –> body —Personality–psyche < — Spiritualized Matter ] <–Supreme Spirit .

—- Supreme Spirit = (unmanifested + manifested creating Spirit .

—— Supreme reality = Unmanifested + phenomenal and noumenal reality .

——-Within the human vessel, matter and spirit, visible and invisible nature meet—–

Physical human is a vessel (soul) in which biological and spiritual nature comes to expression.——-

The body, the psyche and the Unconscious and it’s archetypal /spiritual aspect, constitute the Self.—–

The collective Unconscious, we all partake in, can be equated with Spirit (of nature), and its creative tools are the archetypes, that we have to give a (conscious) realization in life.—–

Through the Unconscious or the spiritual dimension of the Self we are connected to infinity and eternity.——

Archetypes underpin and permeate the Substance of the Universe and determine its behavior, properties and qualities. As such, the Universe can be perceived as their field of expression. In short, the Universe is the field of expression of Spirit.—–

Matter – (hard problem) – Body – (hard problem) – Psyche – (hard problem) – Spirit——

Unus Mundus/Ein Sof – The One reality – manifested + unmanifested; space-time + timeless and spaceless.——

Space and time are constructions of the mind to conceive order in a reality that is …’just so’ … and has a meaning (Tao) in itself.

[ in development …