Gender identity, and gender confusion in light of the androgynous aspect of the human psyche.

Making sense of modern-day confusion around gender identity in light of the androgynous aspect of human nature-expressed physically or psychologically.  There are growing group in modern individualistic society of men who don’t feel they are men and women who don’t feel they are women. And people who feel think they have a 50/50 balanced ambisexual psychological make-up. Men and women who feel physically attracted to both sexes. And men who don’t feel physically attracted to women and vice versa women. We see same-sex male or female couples who want to raise babies and by that preventing these children the intimate relation to another sex parent and the deeply psychological experience of a mother or a father, which is so crucial for all-round psychological development and making deeply psychological relations to the opposite sex in later life. And there are transwomen who think that all people menstruate and can have babies. They want to be fully equal feminine as biological females are. By this revealing a patriarchal bias against the feminine. These people are at base genetically and predominantly psychologically men. Being extremely effeminate does not mean that you are a female by nature. One can not be fully be transformed into the sex that is opposite your own. Because the opposite sexes are psychologically for great part alien to each other. They are not even each others complement but supplement. The individual sexes are truly opposites and are unique in themselves and have a psychology of their own. The sexes only share a small body of psychic content between them that create a bridge, otherwise they could not relate at all. Why do so many resist to become one-sided sexual beings? A process for which a deep intimate feeling relationship with the opposite sex is required….What is going on?

In development….
The longing for identity-a symptom-of the innate drive of individuation –which resists the individual drowning in the collective..

The cause of this phenomenon seems, namely sexual conflict and confusion to lie in the constellation of the archetype of the Anthropos that is the origin and goal of the instinctual drive of individuation. This instinct is depicted in the West since antiquity in the image of the -androgynous-Anthropos. It is the archetypal form – the living idea – of the biological and spiritually whole human.

Seeking complementation — seeking completion

Gender tops –biological base–instinctual base -body of archetypes (in regard of individuation?)–typical male or female instincts and traits qualities properties of their psychology only. Characteristics

The human who has given body to his or her biological and spiritual nature, and the feminine and masculine aspect of their nature -by the realization of the Eros and Logos principles, through the unification of these under conscious light, in the experience of a fully lived life.

A differentiation of the androgyne within oneself–becoming a one-sided sexual being through contrast with the opposite sex.

Trinity–M-F child as innate drive–vs.: seeking wholeness through ..other sex….same sex–in search for wholeness and identity--One’s biological sex assigned by nature–and choice of gender--What makes a man. What makes a woman?