Defining the Self—–The ego-complex and the Unconscious as the main factors in individuation.

The SELF must be considered the whole of our personality, it contains the ego-complex with its own personal unconscious and is permeated and encompassed by the (collective) Unconscious, which is the origin of the archetypes that drive the individuation towards becoming a highly conscious and mature human being.
The human psyche is divided into a conscious and an unconscious part. The ego is the centre of the field of consciousness and the Self must be considered the centre and regulator of the whole personality, in which ego has been given a degree of freedom.
The human psyche as it shows is a duality and ‘individuation’ means becoming an individual, an undivided duality, under a new objective conscious light that can keep the content related to the ego-life and the expressions by the Unconscious that appear in our field of awareness apart. (mine and Thine). This is the result of having allowed partial mutual assimilation, by taking the opposite sex and the opposite sexual principle in the heart.
Under that new light and position of consciousness, the ego and the Self will appear as an interactive unit.
That we can observe behaviours and expressions of the ego and the Unconscious from such a third objective point is truly a mystery.
This achievement needs much differentiation and discrimination by increasing our conscious, because our ego is to great extend identified with the wider Self (and with the content of the -collective-Unconscious) and thinks it is the only King or Queen in the castle. Ego has lost a sense of its roots, of its base and origin, the Unconscious, in its evolution to become a centre point of consciousness, and got separated from deeper instinctual psychic and as we’ll see spiritual life. A return to its roots the Unconscious, or the Self, but now with consciousness has become a necessity. So that ego attains Self-knowledge-knows the other parts of the vast Self of which it is only a part.

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