TRUTH—trust in belief – faith in truth

The more truth is realized the lesser the conflict between reason and belief will be. Realized –lived -knowledge of the spiritual aspect of human nature bridges belief and truth about religion

Truth about what?

{ In development– belief–faith -truth -patterns of truth–intuition–correct feeling–purpose do we find it in a purpose? meaning vs rational truth–meaning of life is personal-realize the will..//–Truth purpose of things-meaning of creation—life –my personal life–nature–reality (god or a manifestation –f.o.e–of God–truth is what works–fits–it is just so and not otherwise


What can we know about (the nature of) God? Beginning with definitions

2 types of knowledge -gathered by rational ego means -by means of intuition–perceiving reality and its constituting objects in archetypal/ spiritual order which inexorably must include feeling order. Hence the latter is result of lived experience knowlegde.

// The gnostic intuition and knowledge of God