Natural innate conscience guiding individuation – our ‘spiritus rector’ , and the creator of wisdom.

Not only has nature provided us with a capacity of reason to navigate outer and inner life, but it has also given us a natural conscience that can serve us as Spiritus Rector, a guiding spirit that brings us to a higher ethical state of human being. It is very important to pay attention to its expressions since it is also a guardian spirit, saves us from harm to ourselves and others caused by our natural ignorance or degree of unconsciousness.

This innate psychic factor to be developed and tested in life comprises of a sense for truth, the good, beauty and what love is or should be. This group of qualities we call our natural innate conscience or our Spirit of Righteousness.

When we are in harmony with this dynamic natural conscience, it also serves us as a guiding spirit-telling us by feeling or in dreams and intuition what is good, where to go, what to do. And as such, it is also a guardian spirit, preventing us from dangerous mistakes.

Realizing this spirit in life leads to wisdom, the ability to make choices to the best end of man, oneself and others.