The nature of the individuated human

The characteristics of the individuated personality have already been noticed, observed and described by Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung. Maslow concerned himself more about the extraverted appearance, the values these fully mature people hold dear. He described their attitude to life, motivation, typical traits, and behaviours and how they contrasted with the general population. (Frank Goble’s “The third force” gives an excellent summary).  

Jung described more of their inner states and how the constituting aspects of their psyche, including the transcendent archetypes / or spiritual aspects of the human psyche, are assimilated and well-integrated into the broader economy of their psyche. These mature people live much more in line with nature’s will and instincts, and their innate spirit is their loadstar. They follow to a lesser degree the ways and values of the collective.

Conscious-aware individuals are very rounded personalities with a mind and values of their own. They easily socially interact with people of all kind. They are only to a limited degree subject to being influenced by collective fashion feelings and opinions. These are people who keep with ease their biologically based social behaviour and their highly developed psycho-spiritual feelings, social values and consequent attitudes apart. Within their nature, the spiritual and biological aspect of their being live side by side without conflict. These people agree with themselves, live out the whole of their nature, and function as a conscious and unconscious whole.

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