Spirit as origin of mythology and religion

Religious expressions, from animistic nature religion to the higher organized religions have their origin in the depth of the human psyche.

The language and the will of Spirit was and is expressed through the religious creative spirit within all cultures through their rites -dreams – prophetic natures – mythologies and the religions that have these as basis.

Religious mythology, allegoric and – symbolic material that is at the base of early religion are products of the -collective-Unconscious or the creative spirit within humankind.

Archetype based-symbolic metaphoric language of the soul is similar to biblical language. The more one understands the expressions and language of one’s own soul ( the vessel of spirit) the better one can read religious scriptures. Such is the result of giving spirit a realization in life.

In development…

Pantheons–Spirit and anthropomorphic God-image–representing endo- psychic states and qualities-of spiritual origin- // -explanatory material–feeling charged imagery- aiding the order and conscious light-seeking spirit in humankind

Early man ; cave art ; hand-stencils