From human instinct to realizing the image of the Anthropos. The Anthropos is the instinctual form behind the fully mature human being. One can also say that the image of the Anthropos represents the forces, the way and the goal – that the creative spirit within our nature utilizes to make us fully mature human males and females.

It can be empirically observed that Nature creates within the human psyche new content that helps us with correct adaptation to the ever changing environment we live in. Inner nature also helps our ego-conscious realm with keeping a good relation with the rest of the psyche and to maintain a healthy balance  between the realm of ego and other parts of the psyche. And even more amazingly, we can observe that nature within is guiding us with increasing our conscious-awareness, not only of our external world, but also of  our inner world, and in bringing these two realms in agreement under one conscious light. This is the goal of individuation, namely to establish a conscious-aware individual. This innate drive to individuate must be seen as an instinct–and as any instinct, it mysteriously ‘knows’ of the whole situation in which in can express itself, before it can apply its form and action–no trigger no response. Nature knows.

If we take a distant look on life–we can observe that human life and psychological growth has two major components–namely express ourselves and typical human nature (biological instinctual as well as the archetypes that rule basic human psychic life) and understanding it and becoming conscious of it.  For this -the understanding and becoming conscious of our-human-expressions and experience of life , the psyche produces forms of behaviour and forms of understanding. 

What is this content within the psyche that makes human expression and the understanding of life possible-it is  present and active within the human psyche, and of unknown nature in themselves out of grasp of perceptuion and reason. We call these forms of behaviour and understanding archetypes.

These  structuring and guiding and conscious light bringing intra-psychic elements are in themselves of unknown origin–but we can observe their presence and activity (if only we think about projections and instinctual feelingbonds of lower and higher nature we experience) as mentioned they can be considered instinctual as stemming from the biological realm. But equally we can state that they are spiritual in nature – since their unknown origin–and being of psychoid and physoid nature in expression–as if they are influencing us as from the outside-or in an adjective manner. They certainly are not created by ego means–they rule ego-and our psychic life to great extend. Moreover, the ego-complex has an archetypal from underneath –is structured around an archetype–and is brought forward by the Unconscious. We can observe the rise of ego-and a degrees of consciousness in the infant. The birth of Ego is the result of a creative activity by innate nature. The Spirit of nature within. 

The same is the process of becoming conscious — the creation and expansion of conscious light over life….we cant attain expansion of conscious light without the activity of archetypes….but more of that in the chapters below