Defining ‘Individual’. The Self and its ego-aspect as total personality.

Under the ‘individual’ we understand a personality who has developed him or herself from a state of too dominant ego-centrism and individualism to being a psychologically undivided duality. This state of mind results from the attainment of enough objective conscious light and knowledge of oneself to be able to distinguish between content that belongs to the conscious and the unconscious part of their psyche. The latter is the much larger part of the psyche. As such their relation is a healthy ‘mine and Thine’.

These individuals are, as the word indicates, undivided dualities under conscious light.  Their personality functions as a psychic whole of conscious and unconscious. As such, he or she has full person-hood, the quality or condition of being a proper individual and is a highly autonomous person.

Mature and genuine individuals are conscious-aware of the worldly and ego-centred aspect of their psyche, and the wider Self of their personality, which includes the (collective) Unconscious or the spiritual part of their nature and how it affects and influences their life.

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