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The maturity of individuals corresponds with the degree of conscious-awareness of their inner and outer world, to be attained during life. This conscious light can be developed by the mystical struggle for enlightenment or by the conscious light-making individuation-process, which is a more ‘down to earth’ path and suitable for all people. We will compare both.
But first ; why have we made the term ‘tzaddik’ the title of this project and took it as a core idea and point of reference? The word ‘tzaddik’ means ‘righteous’, and if someone is considered to be a tzaddik or tzadeket (f), then such a person lives by an attained Spirit of righteousness, which is the result of ego-effort, living with a full heart and with the aid of inner spirit. The word stems from the name ‘Melchizedek’ the divine messenger of God, who is considered in the New Testament to be equal to Christ and can be perceived as the personification of the Spirit of righteousness or the messianic Sprit. ‘Righteousness’ includes wisdom, which is comprised of a developed capacity for truth and love and enables judgments and actions to the best end of fellow man and oneself. This ability pertains, experienced knowledge of human nature, in particular, the nature of oneself, thus Self-knowledge and by that the creative spirit that is manifest in the unconscious of man. The attainment of Self-knowledge is considered an essential duty in higher religions.
This task requires a fully lived life with full-hearted engagement with all kinds of people. Egotism, elitism and clique-ism will hinder individuation. The real inner meeting, friendship, love for fellowmen and true compassion, forces us to recognize ourselves in others and to measure ourselves against them. They can get the best and the worst out of us, bring these into our experience and become conscious of what we are and what we can be.

The engagement with our fellow human beings helps us with the attainment of self-knowledge and full Self-cultivation and by that the inner realisation of innate spirit. This entails the slow and challenging -through insights and feeling-differentiation- uptake of spiritual elements, we also may call archetypes-into the realm of our ego-consciousness and psyche.

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Defining the Self

Defining archetypes–the tools of creative (spirit of) nature

Defining Individuation

Individuation and religion 

Individuation and mysticism – of the West and East

On spiritual teachers – gurus-and seekers. ‘Modern’ western mysticism.

Individuation and Hinduism. From devotion, the value of idol-worship to the seeming emptiness of Zen.

The spiritualisation of biological man / the humanisation of Spirit. 

Realising the spiritual form of Anthropos–or Adam Kadmon and their androgynous characteristics–reflected in the psychology of the human being.

Individuation by the realisation of the Feminine aspect of the (human) creating Spirit. Eros -Logos. Realising the fallen Sophia –the wandering Shekinah. The union of the psychic contra-sexual opposites. Hierosgamos- the archetype of the spiritual child.

Bringing the masculine and feminine aspect of creative nature within in union under One conscious light. Through the realisation of the Feminine aspect – the higher part of Eros –and its spiritually-based feeling–//–higher Logos (spirit of light) includes life –higher Eros, includes the Spirit of light.

Resulting in a one-sided sexual individual -by contrast, and clear differentiation for the opposite sex. Grounded in their by nature designated biology and psychology.

Jewish mysticism