Section 3 Column 1

Archetypes as instincts and fundamental structural elements of the psyche.

The ‘living’ Unconscious – living innate creative nature–having a ‘mind of its own’- expresses itself in our body and psyche in myriads of archetypal expressions that determine specific biological and psychic behaviours, thus specific patterns of behaviour-  as such they can be perceived as instincts of ‘lower’-biological and ‘higher’-psycho-spiritual behaviour. Human psychological development goes from […]

Autism – when the connection between the ego-centred part of the psyche with the wider Self is obstructed

… and therefore the instinct of human bonding and its corresponding feeling and its energy-charge cannot be fully expressed. Expanding insight into autism by setting this relatively modern phenomenon against a psychological background that includes the activity of innate creative nature. Autistic functioning points to a partial obstruction within the psyche hindering the assimilation and […]