—- The consequences of the discovery of the creative Spirit within the soul of humanity and within the deeper layers of the psyche of the individual for religion —-

A conception of God will be acknowledged and widely accepted that in its creative manifestation shows comprises of masculine and a feminine creative spiritual elements and forces. A God-image that is creator and creatrix in one. These divine creative forces were since ancient times felt as spirits and projected onto the surrounding world, and later depicted as gods and goddesses and were attributed with myriads of abilities and properties.

We can now recognize these spiritual creative elements and forces as a body of innate or inborn archetypes. They work toward the maturation and individuation by means of spiritual development or the spiritualization of the biological human. As an intra-psychic force it aims at the creation of human beings who are able to straddle the biological and the spiritual aspect of their nature, and thus will become spiritually and biologically based individuals.

These people are conscious-aware of the spiritual aspect of their nature and experience the presence and spiritual activity within the unconscious part of their psyche (or soul) and know how it affects their lives. They know enough of their spirit, its will and ways, to be able to communicate with it and take it into account of their lives.

It will be the task of religious institutions to provide an understanding of the nature of the divine Spirit, how it manifests within the human psyche and how it creates mature individuals, males and females, by means of these masculine and feminine creative principles (the two wings of the creative aspect of the Holy -whole making- Spirit). And help people to connect to the spiritual aspect of their being by means of sound intuition, instinctual feeling and rational reason.

All higher religions will return to their original function and serve as educational instruments – as given sacraments – to provide insight into and educate people about the nature of the Spirit in itself and as major psychological factor in human life and how to become more human by means of Spirit .