Morning Star

Venus the evening- and the morning star–the old light-the new light-evening knowledge- morning knowledge. Old Spirit new Spirit-Stella Vesperia -Stella Matutina. David (Christ) the morningstar.

Christ as morningstar– Eros and Logos

Star of David–symbol of union spirit matter–heaven earth– feminine masculine-an ancient symbol.

The Seal of Solomon is attributed to King Solomon in medieval Arabic tradition, from which it developed in Islamic and Jewish mysticism.

It was often depicted in either a pentagram or hexagram shape. It is the predecessor of the Star of David

Venus as Pentagram–symbol for ancient Babylonian Ishtar–the Queen/Goddess

The Morningstar -as the spirit of Christ, embodies sol and luna light- a new conscious light-different in each sex

Father son mother daughter as one within the Holy Spirit

Quincunx–quinta essentia-higher future human in Ezekiel’s vision.

Gilgamesh dream

Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words

O children of Adam! Holy words and pure and goodly deeds ascend unto the heaven of celestial glory. Strive that your deeds may be cleansed from the dust of self and hypocrisy and find favor at the court of glory; for ere long the assayers of mankind shall, in the holy presence of the Adored One, accept naught but absolute virtue and deeds of stainless purity. This is the daystar of wisdom and of divine mystery that hath shone above the horizon of the divine will. Blessed are they that turn thereunto.